Ask Him Out!

For decades, women have been confined to the idea that they must wait and “if it’s meant to be,” Prince Charming will come and sweep them off their feet. This idea has been woven into the fabric of societal norms so severely that women of all generations are taught and believe that men should make the first move.

However, in a recent study done by, 95% of men liked when women were forward and asked for the man’s number. Our world is progressing, and gender roles are changing. Women are even asking men for their hand in marriage. In an episode of the popular Netflix series “Love is Blind,” one of the female contestants proposed to the male contestant, and he eagerly accepted.

Women no longer just have a seat at the table, they are leading the discussion; so, harness that power from the boardroom to your relationship. Confidence is sexy, so get out there and ask him out! If he is unnerved by a woman taking the lead, then he probably isn’t the one.

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