5 Ways To Keep Things Interesting During These Times!

Whether you’re in a new relationship, a long term relationship, or anywhere in between, it can be hard to keep the spark alive while social distancing. So, here are some ideas that can help you keep your relationship interesting and thriving.

  1. Start a Book Club: Choose a book that you both want to read, and do it together! Keep each other accountable by setting an amount to read before your weekly meetings together! This is great for people who love to read and want to share that passion or for people who want to get into reading and need to be motivated! You can also learn a lot about each other based on how you both interpret the same book.

  2. Netflix Watch Parties: Netflix has created a feature where you can watch the same show at the same time and use a chat section to talk about what’s going on in the show. If one person pauses the show, it pauses for both people. You can also Facetime during it and see each other's reactions.

  3. Share Recipes: Meals can get boring. Anyone will appreciate a new quarantine recipe. If you cook something you really enjoy, either send a video of you making it or just send them your recipe. If they live close, you can drop off some tupperware outside their door with your home cooked meal or dessert!

  4. Play Online Games: Challenge each other to Words with Friends, a crossword puzzle, use GamePigeon, and more!

  5. Make Playlists: Everyone loves music. Music can also be great entertainment during this time. Make playlists for each other with songs that make you happy or that remind you of the other person. Then when they listen to it, they will think of you!

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