6 Myths About Dating That Need To Be Debunked Do any of these sound familiar?

1) There's something you need to fix about yourself before you can attract a high quality person, false (you are worthy and capable of attracting an incredible person who makes you feel secure, safe, cherished, and deeply loved).

2) You should wait for the man to initiate contact, if you reach out first, it makes you look desperate, false ( there is nothing wrong with being the first one to initiate contact just make sure that if the relationship continues that it is reciprocated).

3) Asking for what you want makes you look needy, false (it takes vulnerability and real strength to ask for what you want, knowing what you want and need is never needy).

4) Women only like bad boys, false ( science and experts have shown us different, women want someone that is loyal, devoted and caring. Women prefer nice over bad any day).

5) At your age, you'll have to settle if you want a relationship, all the good ones are taken, false (change the narrative you are telling yourself, there are plenty of amazing people out there).

6) Dating is a numbers game, false ( quality will always trump quantity, make them count by choosing wisely).

When it comes to dating and love sometimes you have to throw those myths out the window and remember to have a good time, stay open to the possibilities, bring the best version of yourself and believe the right person is out there looking for you, too. Doing so will ensure an exciting, and successful dating journey for you.


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