COVID-19 Can't Cancel Love

You might be thinking right now … putting myself out there was already scary enough when it came to looking for love, and now I have to deal with this new way of dating because of this pandemic.

How can I get back up when my plans are derailed? I can’t even go out for dinner and a movie let alone, find true love or discover my passion and purpose.

Good-bye 2020 plans my dreams are crushed!

Look I get it, things are different right now, and you might be losing faith and feeling depressed about how you thought your love life was going to go.

However, when things feel like they’re crumbling, it’s just showing you that there’s a new way of being that you need to tap into. The good news is that even if you’re exhausted or paralyzed by anxiety you can shift your vibe and find new doors to walk through.

How do you do it?

You make decisions to trade out the news for positive, uplifting stories and resources that help you rise instead of drag you down. You get support and surround yourself with people, messages and wisdom that feed your soul. It's all about shifting your mindset and understanding that this situation is just a detour but absolutely not a roadblock.

It's time to start looking through a different lens and tell yourself that these socially distant circumstances will not be an excuse to put your love life on hold.

In fact, there are quite a few benefits to this whole “dating at a distance” thing.

A major one being, now that physical intimacy is removed from the equation, any person who’s just trying to hook up is out of luck!

Many of the people out there are genuinely searching for emotional connection.

For so long, physical chemistry and intimacy has dictated a major part of how men and women navigate relationships. But now you have the benefit of being able to take things slower and connect on an emotional level before a physical one, which has powerful potential for amazing love stories to blossom…love always finds away,

even in the midst of a world changing pandemic.

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