Have You Been On A Zoom Date?

Although we are living in unprecedented times, we can count on the fact that we’re all going through this together. We’ve all had to adapt our grocery store trips, our family gatherings, our workouts, our meals, and even our dating lives. Here are some tips on dating during these social distancing times.

Use Zoom: The person who sets up the date needs to send the other person a link and time for their Zoom call. Make sure you set it up so that their screen is enlarged on your screen so you’re not staring at yourself the whole time! It also may be a good idea to do a practice Zoom with a friend so you don’t have any technical difficulties while on your date.

Background on Zoom: You can change your background. I suggest using a photo of one of your favorite places to visit and spend time. This is a perfect conversation starter. You can ask each other why you chose the photo that you did. Perhaps choose a place where you would like to take them on your first date after the quarantine!

The Conversation: Here our some ideas for what you can chat about:

  • Favorite relaxing quarantine activities

  • What you’re excited to do once you’re out of quarantine/what you miss the most

  • Best movies to watch, TV shows to binge

  • Also, it’s a great time to ask a few more personal questions to get to know each other a little better.

The Follow Up: If the date goes well (fingers crossed), make a plan to set up another Zoom meeting by texting them a link. Make it a weekly event if it goes really well! (ex: every Friday night at 7)!

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