Is There Such a Thing as Being Too Busy for Love?

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

In our world today, it seems we are becoming less and less touched. We text instead of calling and email instead of visiting. For some, dating has become an on-line affair. Are we doomed to a solitary existence? Will our social skills minimize to the point where the hottest thing we touch – is our computer? Of course we don’t want that, but many of us end up settling for the laptop cuddle, because our lives are just plain busy. Our work, family and home responsibilities keep us running around with so much going on, that often times, we don’t even break to take care of ourselves. With our busy schedules, we just don’t have the time to cultivate an existing relationship or put any effort into finding new love?

Do you even remember the excitement of eyes- catching, chemistry igniting love? How long has it been since you felt the electricity flowing through your body, that only Love can spark? For those of us who Can remember the wonderful feeling of being in love, we know it is an awesome feeling! So why is it, that so many people say they are too busy for love? We are a nation of professionals, who have become focused on achieving success. We want to be logical and focus on what will benefit our lives. We must organize our company to optimal efficiency. We want to consider every detail of our lives to build a future that will result in personal gain. Are there any benefits to love?

What is the Value of Love?

Dean Ornish, MD, author of Love and Survival, The scientific Basis for the Healing Power of Intimacy, has conducted numerous studies where he has proven that Love is good for your physical health. One such study conducted at Yale, yielded significant results among a group of men and women who were undergoing coronary

Those who reported that they had support and felt loved had considerably less blockage in their arteries. In fact, his results have been duplicated. MSN reports the findings of a National Longitudinal Mortality study, observing the life span of over a million participants since 1979. Results show that married people have fewer heart attacks, less cancer and even live longer. The University of Iowa demonstrated that those who are in love and have strong support systems, generate higher levels of the body’s natural immune system for fighting cancer cells- white blood cells. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), a primary response to love occurring in our bodies, is the elevated production of the hormone oxytocin. Oxytocin makes you feel good and it works in the brain along with dopamine which helps humans to recognize pleasure. Depression or other mental illnesses sometimes result from malfunction in this system. Dr. Kathleen Light with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, did a study where she found oxytocin levels increased in married participants after they held hands or discussed positive memories.

Research indicates there are benefits to love. But will this knowledge make our lives less busy? No, but it could allow us to enjoy it more. In our quest to create the best possible future, should we put any effort into love? The scientific community says-Yes! Do it for your heart. Find love to increase your life span. Experience your brain on pleasure. Take a moment and consider your quality of life and why you work so hard. Is it to spend evenings alone? Love is beautiful and love is kind. Love has a powerful effect on our bodies and minds. Love is worth the effort. If you need to, put it on your calendar.

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