Pros and Cons of Dating and Politics

Politics are a large part of our national narrative. Seemingly every day there’s another scandal, event or discovery that sends the world into a frenzy. With this in mind, how important are the political beliefs of person you’re dating? Compatibility is based on shared morals and values; but if two people of the same party disagree on certain policies, does that mean politics don’t really matter when searching for love? Let’s break this down into pros and cons.

Are politics important when dating someone?


  • Open dialogue with a knowledgeable adult regarding various government affairs can be refreshing

  • Politely debating controversial topics can help expand one’s understanding on a particular policy

  • Voting preferences can be a deal breaker or deal maker for a relationship

  • Establishing chemistry with someone only to discover they have different stances on national topics could be wasteful of time, energy and effort

  • Discussing politics can reveal more interests than differences


  • Love and mutual respect are more important than political beliefs

  • There are plenty of topics to discuss that won’t cause heated debates

  • Two people can be compatible without belonging to the same party

  • People have different opinions on many things, including politics. These differences should not impact one’s ability to have a relationship

  • Discrimination of someone because of their political beliefs is as unfair as it is wrong

Deal-breakers used to be easy to determine. Things like smoking, religion and children were usually on the list. Dating in 2020

has since gotten mighty complex and politics don’t make it any easier. Nevertheless, no one knows you like you do. So if politics are a major thread in your life, don’t waste time dating someone of an opposing party. On the other hand, if you are open to ‘agreeing to disagree’ for the sake of love, I encourage you to be optimistic about love coming differently than you imagined.


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